GroundWork has announced the latest version of its flagship GroundWork Monitor product – GroundWork Monitor 6.7. It offers users:

  • Greater Ease For Monitoring Virtualization And Cloud With The GroundWork Cloud Hub

    This new component of GroundWork Monitor, providing enhanced monitoring for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, VMware and KVM.

  • Notifications For More Events With Common Filtration

    Use of the NoMa notification provides consistency and filtration across more events.

  • New Probing Method

    IPMI has been added as a new method for probing hardware, giving users a way to monitor hardware when it is not responding to higher-level network protocols like TCP/IP.

  • Updated Microsoft Support

    Enhanced and updated Microsoft monitoring for Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Easier Integration

    Configuration management tools like Puppet, Chef and CFengine are easier to integrate.

  • Improved User Experience

    Improved visualization and reporting of complex, multi-component services.

  • GroundWork Monitor Enterprise subscribers: You can obtain your new license key and software (executable or images) here.

    GroundWord Monitor Core users: Try out the new version by registering and downloading here.

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