Monitoring business services and applications is becoming as important as monitoring the hardware that your applications sit on. If properly deployed, your IT suite can provide greater and real-time insights into the state of business services and applications.

Learn how DZ BANK AG’s Heiko Wenzig, has provided better insight for the entire organization on the state of their business. Topics to be discussed include:

  • GroundWork Cloud Hub, our new and improved cloud and virtualization monitoring technology.
  • Other new features and enhancements such as Automatic Agent Registration, IPMI hardware monitoring, and the new NoMa notification manager.
  • Upgrading from previous versions of GroundWork Monitor.

Heiko Wenzig


Heiko Wenzig works for the DZ BANK AG (formerly known as DG BANK) since 1998. Heiko is responsible for the implementation of the System Management products used at DZ BANK AG. In 2008, he moved the Monitoring Platform from IBM Tivoli to Groundwork Enterprise Monitoring. He has also implemented other Open Source Products including OCS Incentory NG. Before coming to DZ BANK AG, Heiko worked for BIK GmbH and built up the Lotus Notes and Software Distribution Environments for this Company.