• Status Viewer

    Status viewer from Enterprise 6.1See the health of any device or service check at a glance.

  • Custom Dashboards

    Custom dashboards with Enterprise 6.3
    Use dashboards that are customized for your style

  • Availability Report

    Availability Reports
    View availability for service improvement or SLA

  • Host Status Viewer

    Host Status ViewerView host statuses individually or in aggregate

  • Login Screen

    Login ScreenAllow secure, role-based access to IT personnel and others

  • Monitoring Statistics

    Monitoring StatisticsDemonstrate improvement with statistical records

  • User & Role Based Permissions

    User and Role Based PermissionsEnsure secure access only to those who need it

  • Seurat View

    Seurat ViewSeurat views for visualizing many items simply, clearly and immediately

  • Monitoring Profiles

    Monitoring ProfilesMeasure what matters with GroundWork Profiles or make your own

  • Configuration Tool

    Configuration ToolConfigure all aspects of GroundWork’s broad monitoring capabilities

  • Host Availability Report

    Host Availability ReportReview Availability of hosts

  • Enterprise Performance Report

    Enterprise Performance ReportView Performance for services, hosts, and more

  • Event Console

    See each event as it occurs to acknowledge or escalate