Service Levels

Service request severities are assigned by the customer when submitting a case. Severities are tracked within the GroundWork Connect case manager. Support resources are assigned based on the severity of the problem.

Severity Level Descriptions
Severity 1* “System Down” or product inoperative conditions that impact the production environment. Urgent requests must be submitted by telephone to ensure rapid response.
Severity 2 High-impact business condition possibly endangering a production environment. The software may operate as the result of a work-around put into place but is severely restricted, degraded or specific functions are inoperable.
Severity 3 Low-impact business condition with a majority of software functions still useable however; some circumvention may be required to provide service.
Severity 4 Minor problem or question that does not affect the software function.
*GroundWork response to a Severity 1 request

A dedicated resource will be assigned to provide a workaround and / or resolve the case as soon as possible.

Customer responsibility for a Severity 1 request

If needed, the service requestor agrees to provide remote access to minimize troubleshooting effort and reduce total time to diagnose. If remote access is not provided, the customer agrees to dedicate local operations / administration personnel to assist the diagnosis until a resolution or work around is available.

Service Level Objectives
Service Request Severity Request Submission & Response Expected Resolution
Telephone Support Portal Email
Severity 1 30 min. (during bus. hours) N/A N/A Work around / patch (emergency)
Severity 2 2 bus. hours 4 bus. hours or next bus. day if submitted after 3:00pm Pacific time Next bus. day Patch / next release
Severity 3 N/A Next bus. day 2 bus. days Next minor release
Severity 4 N/A 2 bus. days 2 bus. days Next version of FAQ / Knowledgebase solution