Technology and Architecture

GroundWork Monitor is a full-featured, enterprise-class IT monitoring solution built from a mix of great open-source technology and our own technology, as guided by the needs of real-world requirements.

GroundWork emphasizes two things above all in its architecture: open integration and scalability. Because GroundWork is built using the best of other components, GroundWork allows your organization to use our software alone, or in conjunction with your other products – even managing other monitors. The same design lends itself to scaling, and GroundWork is used in installations with millions of events and thousands of devices.

To maximize customer flexibility, GroundWork is deployed with a scalable component architecture that is different from the method used by most other monitoring tools. Individual components can be scaled on hardware as needed for a given customer’s requirements. These include:

  • GroundWork Cloud Hub
  • GroundWork Configuration Database (Monarch)
  • GroundWork Agents – for Devices or Applications (optional)
  • GroundWork Java Machine
  • GroundWork High Availability
  • GroundWork Reporting

GroundWork can be deployed on-premises or in cloud and hybrid environments. It is the watchdog over your evolving IT infrastructure and has stood the test of time due to its flexibility, scalability, and openness. From simple, single-site setups to massive, multiple-site, MSPs, GroundWork can adapt to your business’ monitoring needs.

Portal Construction

GroundWork uses a well-understood and easily editable Portal layer using Red Hat JBoss technology. This allows users to optionally create “retinal” integrations, where the integrated software displays directly into GroundWork without any data integration effort (or cost or time.)

Open Standards

Given the open source-based endoskeleton that girds GroundWork, it is not surprising that open standards and interfaces are available throughout GroundWork. Besides GroundWork’s web services REST API, Nagios, Cacti and numerous other components are usable as integrated tools. Plug-ins and profiles written for these and other components of GroundWork can be re-used, resulting in better return on training investment and on financial investment.