Scalability and Reliability

Distributed Systems

GroundWork Monitor Enterprise can be deployed in distributed configurations for scalability. Distributed configurations of monitoring servers can also be used to accommodate issues in monitoring multiple tiers of network architecture, allowing monitoring traffic to flow from the distributed system back to the master, or “parent” system.

GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Flex support also includes support for the GroundWork Distributed Monitoring Agent, or GDMA. The GDMA is a multi-platform, lightweight agent, with central configuration from the GroundWork parent server. In a sense it is the ultimate in distributed monitoring, making the target system execute the data gathering, and report the results back to the GroundWork parent. GDMA is fully described here, but think of it as a way to scale up past the ordinary capacity of a pure polling-based monitoring system. GDMA can even poll neighboring systems, making it an effective substitute for a full monitoring server.

Redundant Systems

GroundWork offers high availability for all the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise server deployments, whether deployed as parent or child servers, through integration with SIOS Lifekeeper for Linux(tm). In instances where only the parent server must be redundant for alerting and continuity purposes, GroundWork offers the GroundWork Standby Notification Server.