GroundWork discovery


Get a handle on your ever changing infrastructure environment with Discovery. GroundWork provides monitoring tools that will intelligently assist your initial installation as well as automatically detecting changes and adjusting monitoring.

  • Automated device discovery
  • Topology maps
  • Inventory
  • Rogue Device Detection
GroundWork cloudhub

Cloud Hub

Whether your virtualization is on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid, GroundWork has you covered. Our CloudHub connector allows you to connect to the API of your virtualization products and import critical metrics into the GroundWork system with just a few clicks. The connector then handles keeping GroundWork in sync with changes made to your virtualization environment.

  • Easy, click and forget setup.
  • On-premise, Cloud, and hybrid-cloud
  • Correlate virtualization metrics with guest metrics to identify issues quickly
GroundWork Automation GDMA


Leverage your virtualization templates to automatically add monitoring when a new system is provisioned with GroundWork Distributed Monitoring Agent (GDMA). GDMA is a lightweight agent that can be added to just about any device type. The agent can automatically deploy monitoring profiles, allowing you to focus on your business and not on monitoring configuration.

  • Automatically add new devices to GroundWork by deploying GDMA
  • GDMA can automatically add OS monitoring profiles and application profiles to ease administration
  • GDMA auto registers with the GroundWork server and maintain their configuration through regular update intervals