Docker, GroundWork Monitor

Docker containers provide a portable packaging for GroundWork Monitor component programs. Using Docker allows GroundWork Monitor to be managed efficiently in any infrastructure.

Elastic, GroundWork Monitor

A component of the GroundWork Logbridge™ this tool provides a robust query engine for event-based data.

Grafana, GroundWork Monitor

A hybrid of Kibana and Graphite, Grafana offers a powerful query engine and comparative graphing interface. GroundWork uses Grafana as a presentation layer for performance data analysis.

InfluxDB, GroundWork Monitor

InfluxDB provides GroundWork Monitor with a dedicated, independent time-series repository for metrics from all sources. Using the powerful, storage-efficient database in this way allows rapid graphing and analysis of performance data from your infrastructures.

Logstash, GroundWork Monitor

A component of the GroundWork Logbridge™ this tool provides a lightning fast storage engine for event-based data.

NDI logo

NeDi stands for Network Discovery and is a powerful suite of tools for finding all of your networking assets, placing them in a clear topological structure, and making it easier to automatically track changes. It is an ideal way to generate automated input for monitoring.

Nagios logo

For years the standard for system and network monitoring tools, Nagios™ is a significant block of the GroundWork Monitor suite.

OpenTSDB, GroundWork Monitor

A robust, storage-efficient data store for time series metrics, OpenTSDB has begun to be used as a standard back-end for monitoring tools. GroundWork uses it to store performance data in original detail (unsummarized), from multiple sources.