GroundWork Monitor discovers network assets automatically, so you can track them with GroundWork Desk whether you or your users were the ones to plug them in. Set policies in GroundWork Monitor to raise a ticket in GroundWork Desk when a traffic pattern you need to know about appears.



Comprehensive agentless or agent-based monitoring of servers is a core feature of GroundWork Monitor. Get the detailed data you need in your tickets.


Cloud Services

Moving to the cloud? Already there? Maybe two or three clouds? We have you covered with Cloud Hub connectors in GroundWork Monitor, which quickly scans your provider’s API for the metrics you need to run your business. You can deploy an instance of GroundWork Monitor and GroundWork Desk in any of the popular public or private cloud platforms.



Using your own software? It can be a huge competitive advantage, but how do you monitor it? The GroundWork Monitor APM connector can scan your app for metrics in as much detail as you like, and let your engineers know in a GroundWork Desk ticket when the app needs to be tuned or maintained.


Log Analysis

Do you use Elasticsearch to store and search your log files? GroundWork Monitor Elastic Connector makes it a snap to get alerted when a pattern emerges in your log messages, and your ticket in GroundWork Desk will tell you exactly what the trigger for the incident detected was. Make the best use of what the open source monitoring world has to offer.


User Requests

When users need help, they tell the help desk. Track user requests alongside incidents, and you can keep your users happier when you solve the right problem at the root of their troubles.


Maintenance Ticketing

If you know you need to upgrade a system, rotate a certificate, or do any scheduled maintenance, your GroundWork Desk ticketing system can help you to set and track downtime on your IT resources.

GroundWork Desk

GroundWork Desk for GroundWork Monitor Enterprise

GroundWork Monitor does monitoring and alerting, but this is only part of what you need to run an IT shop. Engineers, DevOps, and technicians all need to know they are always working on the most important things, without having to think about the relative priority of a given task. That’s why we’ve added GroundWork Desk to GroundWork Monitor Enterprise.

GroundWork Desk (powered by Invicta Software) is a help desk ticketing system, closely integrated with GroundWork Monitor. If GroundWork can monitor it, you can get a ticket on it when it needs attention. This new product makes the need for expensive and complex integrations with other help desk products obsolete – just use GroundWork Desk!

GroundWork Desk is an add-on tool for GroundWork Monitor. Customers who need the valuable function of a ticketing system can install it alongside GroundWork Monitor Enterprise.