GroundWork Standby Notification Server


GroundWork Open Source provides a simple yet robust solution for monitoring redundancy. Our standby notification server provides a full set of GroundWork Monitor functions as a single-server installation or as a parent server if the parent fails or is taken offline for maintenance.

  • Consistent monitoring of major IT components.
  • Robust alerting with automated failover and recovery.
  • Alternative monitoring dashboards during maintenance or downtime.


GroundWork standby notification


A special instance of GroundWork Monitor is configured to mirror the primary server:

  • Receives all state updates from the monitored customer systems IT.
  • Monitors the Primary Parent Server.
  • Takes over notification duties in the event of the Primary Parent Server’s failure.
  • Provides an alternate monitoring portal during the outage.


The primary server produces notifications and serves as the portal. If the primary parent fails, the standby server detects this failure and enters into notification failover mode. It then:

  • Enables the notification function on the Standby.
  • Sends a notification that the Primary failed.
  • Sends notifications related to all elements for which it receives monitoring state.
  • Serves as the portal for users and administrators.
  • Continues in this mode until the administrator restores services on the Primary.