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How IT monitoring works.

Get acquainted with GroundWork Monitor® and see how we simplify IT monitoring.

GroundWork Monitor® is a powerful IT monitoring software solution that monitors physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures. GroundWork Open Source will simplify your IT monitoring by providing a single pane of glass for your entire IT environment.

Unified Monitoring

We bring together performance and availability for your entire application stack and infrastructure. With flexible and customizable workflows, as well as powerful integrations, GroundWork Open Source is your central point in IT monitoring data collection and status alerting. We track application health, automatically deploys monitoring, and identifies network issues.


GroundWork Open Source agents, with API-based monitoring, make real-time data gathering a reality. With automated network discovery and device registration, we make it easy to reduce manual intervention… and focus on what’s important to you. GroundWork Discovery, Cloud Hub, and GDMA help you keep track of your ever-changing infrastructure environment.

Operations Analytics

Data overload? GroundWork Open Source can help. With effective log data management technology, data analysis graphing, and open API’s for your data warehousing, we are the monitoring solution for your IT data management suite.

An IT monitoring solution trusted by many.

GroundWork Open Source is proud to monitor some of the world’s biggest organizations.