Join Us At OpenStack Summit And Learn How To Monitor OpenStack

March 21, 2016


Are you interested in OpenStack? If so, please visit our booth at the OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas, on April 25–29th. At this high-tech summit, featuring loads of detail on the working of OpenStack and its surrounding community, we will demonstrate our Continuous OpenStack Configuration Discovery for Monitoring Automation in the booth. We hope you will join us for the festivities.

The best part is that we’ll be giving away a fully featured Logic Supply™ fanless computer running OpenStack with GroundWork monitoring software and a full year of support for the GroundWork instance monitoring it (and running—you guessed it!—as a VM under OpenStack!). With a value of over $3,500, this generous giveaway will be raffled off to show attendees who enter at our booth. Just our way of making the summit that much more exciting.

Using the system that we’ll raffle off, we will demonstrate GroundWork Cloud Hub™ connector for OpenStack. This “connector” software automatically and continuously discovers the entire OpenStack node configuration, and locates each of the available API’s based on the menu contained in the GroundWork Cloud Hub profile for OpenStack. If you are using OpenStack, planning to use it, or even just thinking about it—monitoring is one of the processes you will want to identify and plan for. GroundWork’s approach is simple, automated, and inexpensive. So join us at OpenStack and see what it’s all about. Or contact us for a demo today.

Here’s a preview: