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Reporting on Monitoring Data


GroundWork White Paper
by Thomas Stocking

White Paper: Reporting on Monitoring Data

This white paper describes the ideas we have used to assemble the reporting systems in GroundWork Monitor. This article focuses on the concepts that make great reports possible, and will hopefully give you some ideas of what’s important for you to report on, and how.


  • What reports do you need from a monitoring system?
  • How are reports generated?
  • Distributing report
  • Managing data

Thomas Stocking, co-founder and vice president of product strategy,  recently wrote an article titled How to Efficiently Discover Network Resources, featured in The Data Center Journal. The article talks about network discovery tools and processes, and why it’s important to automate and standardize. Many business processes (security management, service delivery and service support) depend on the administrator’s knowledge of the network details.

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Information technology (IT) administrators overwhelmed with the task of maintaining physical infrastructure as their networks expand into cloud and hybrid-cloud systems can now have an enhanced view of their entire IT infrastructure with GroundWork Monitor, a unified monitoring platform by GroundWork Open Source, Inc. The release of GroundWork Monitor 7.2.1 offers two new GroundWork Cloud Hub connectors: an Azure connector for management and analysis of cloud infrastructure performance, and a NeDi connector for easier integration of network discovery and monitoring tools.

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Thomas Stocking, co-founder and vice president of product strategy,  recently wrote an article titled Entering a Golden Age of Data Monitoring, featured in APM Digest. The article talks about three factors obscuring the benefits of data monitoring (the infinite volume of data, its diversity, and inconsistency), benefits of monitoring data, and the future of monitoring data—all fueling a “golden age” of systems monitoring.

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Reports have recently surfaced about Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities in most modern computer systems. These so-called side-channel attacks can allow one program (e.g. a browser) to infer and even read data used by the CPU to execute another program… even a more privileged one. These vulnerabilities affect phones, ​tablets, ​desktops, servers, and cloud computing services. ​Solutions offered to date ​require patching​ that results in ​reduced ​performance.​ Chip manufacturers and software vendors are in the early stages of offering solutions. What is advised today may be replaced with better advice tomorrow.

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GroundWork Open Source Releases Major Update To On-Premise Monitoring Platform For Complete Visibility Into The Entire IT Environment

Includes robust open source visualization and analysis tools for monitoring the latest technologies

Information technology (IT) administrators overwhelmed with the variety of available tools to monitor the performance of the physical, virtual and cloud-based systems comprising their network can now have an enhanced unified view of their infrastructure with GroundWork Monitor, a comprehensive monitoring platform by GroundWork Open Source, Inc. The release of GroundWork Monitor 7.2 offers organizations new dynamic visualization and analysis tools with integrations of InfluxDB and Grafana that enable better data access and understanding of variations in systems performance.

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Are you interested in OpenStack? If so, please visit our booth at the OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas, on April 25–29th. At this high-tech summit, featuring loads of detail on the working of OpenStack and its surrounding community, we will demonstrate our Continuous OpenStack Configuration Discovery for Monitoring Automation in the booth. We hope you will join us for the festivities.

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Fox Technologies’ acquisition of GroundWork advances its mission in being an innovative leader in infrastructure and security management.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Wednesday, February 17, 2016 — Fox Technologies, Inc., a portfolio company of Parallax Capital Partners, today announced its acquisition of GroundWork Open Source Inc. Based in San Francisco, GroundWork provides unified monitoring solutions for IT operations management, performance analysis, and hybrid cloud monitoring. GroundWork allows customers the flexibility to leverage the advantages of open source while simultaneously preserving existing investments in legacy IT management tools.
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