Major Update to GroundWork Azure Connector

June 26, 2018

Information technology (IT) administrators overwhelmed with the task of maintaining physical infrastructure as their networks expand into cloud and hybrid-cloud systems can now have an enhanced view of their entire IT infrastructure with GroundWork Monitor, a unified monitoring platform by GroundWork Open Source, Inc. The release of GroundWork Monitor 7.2.1 offers two new GroundWork Cloud Hub connectors: an Azure connector for management and analysis of cloud infrastructure performance, and a NeDi connector for easier integration of network discovery and monitoring tools.

The more we move to new technology and hybrid cloud computing, the more monitoring challenges we confront,” commented Peter Collins, IT administrator at a major California university. “GroundWork is an essential partner in helping us meet those challenges.”

“The trend in monitoring to more and more data—coupled with service state increasingly derived from analysis rather than determined at the source—has pushed tool vendors to develop new methods,” commented Thomas Stocking, vice president of product strategy at GroundWork Open Source, Inc. “In addition to providing ways to quickly identify faults and crucial changes, GroundWork Monitor 7.2.1 enables vastly increased data gathering, greater data diversity, and enhanced persistence and analysis capabilities.”

According to research from the International Data Center (IDC), spending on public and private cloud IT infrastructure deployments is projected to reach 50% by 2020.

Key Enhancements to Groundwork Monitor 7.2.1

  • Azure connector to allow organizations monitor and maintain cloud and hybrid-cloud systems in Microsoft’s™ Azure cloud.
  • NeDi connector to easily integrate powerful network discovery tools supplied with GroundWork Monitor, and enhanced in this version.
  • Updated InfluxDB to leverage time series data to identify performance trends. Update includes more data sources.
  • Enhanced Grafana to quickly create and organize dashboards, graphically display metrics, show data points from multiple sources on a single graph, and compare metrics from different time periods.

GroundWork 7.2.1 is a standalone, on premise software package that is installed on organizations’ infrastructure to monitor everything connected to the IT environment, whether it’s physical, virtual, cloud or hybrid infrastructures.  IT administrators can start with monitoring a specific application and expand across systems, and have the confidence that GroundWork’s APIs will support the open source tools they can select. GroundWork Monitor’s pricing structure is based on the number of devices monitored.

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