GroundWork To Incorporate Icinga 2 For Increased Scalability

November 18, 2015

IT monitoring software maker GroundWork today announced plans to incorporate Icinga 2, the leading open source monitoring system, into its GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Product.

“GroundWork’s mission—selecting, integrating, and packaging the best of breed open source products into the most valuable unified monitoring product—will be getting a significant boost from our partnership with Icinga 2,” said Dave Lilly, Executive Vice President and head of GroundWork Operations. “Integration of Icinga 2 into GroundWork Monitor will provide our customers with a number of benefits including increased scalability and maintainability while continuing the use of Nagios and GroundWork plugins.”

Roger Ruttimann, Vice President of Engineering for GroundWork said, “Information Technology’s continuing trend toward virtualization of all IT resources creates a clear imperative for both open source and commercial monitoring software—agentless monitoring and API based integration. The exciting innovations contained in Icinga 2 give us a step forward with both of these objectives as well as affording us the opportunity to simplify our product.”

“This is great news,” said Bernd Erk, of the Icinga project team that created Icinga as a fork of Nagios in 2009. “The enthusiasm shown by Groundwork for Icinga 2 along with the rapid rate of adoption by our many other partners is really helping us to increase the rate of adoption and use of Icinga. I was impressed with how quickly GroundWork was able to integrate their Cloud HubTM API bridge with Icinga.”

GroundWork will deploy the Icinga integration in two steps. The first, Icinga Bridge between Icinga 2 and GroundWork’s API collector, Cloud HubTM, will automatically reflect the Icinga 2 configuration and metrics into the GroundWork system. Icinga Bridge is being demonstrated for the first time this week at the Open Source Monitoring Conference (OSMC 2015) in Nürnberg. The second step will incorporate Icinga directly into a future release of GroundWork Monitor with the intention that Icinga will eventually replace NagiosTM. Both of these integrations will afford GroundWork customers with the Unified Monitoring, Automation, and Operations Analysis functions already available in GroundWork Monitor.

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