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Real time monitoring of events, availability, and performance for IT infrastructure is as fundamental as backups, air conditioning and physical security. Many organizations make sizable investments in the unified monitoring and log analysis tools without requiring formal investment analysis. In other cases, ROI calculations are required. The good news is that ROI for monitoring is pretty easy to quantify.

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IT monitoring software maker GroundWork today announced plans to incorporate Icinga 2, the leading open source monitoring system, into its GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Product.

“GroundWork’s mission—selecting, integrating, and packaging the best of breed open source products into the most valuable unified monitoring product—will be getting a significant boost from our partnership with Icinga 2,” said Dave Lilly, Executive Vice President and head of GroundWork Operations. “Integration of Icinga 2 into GroundWork Monitor will provide our customers with a number of benefits including increased scalability and maintainability while continuing the use of Nagios and GroundWork plugins.”
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