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Making A Solid Backup of Your Monitoring Server

March 30, 2016

Welcome back to another issue of the GroundBreaker, GroundWork’s newsletter for customers and partners. This month, we’re rolling out the next version of GroundWork, 7.1! In our tech tip section, we are looking at you. Specifically at how, with the help a short shell script, you can look like a genius. We’re also looking forward to OpenStack Summit this April in Austin, and Red Hat Summit this June in San Francisco. We hope you can join us!

GroundWork Monitor 7.1 Release

Yes, it’s true: GroundWork 7.1 is released! You can download it today from our knowledge base. With easier LDAP integration, more Cloud Hub connectors, Aliasing and Blocking support, and a new UI for creating custom groups, this release has its share of new features. We have also made it easier to upgrade existing 7.0.2 installs, even those with customized configurations and SSL certificates. This is definitely a release we recommend upgrading to, and—if you need us to—we will help you to plan for it with minimal effort when you are ready.

OpenStack Summit | Austin | April 25–29

If you’re going to OpenStack Summit in Austin, visit us at Booth #C18. We’ll be demonstrating our GroundWork monitoring solution for Openstack and Fuel throughout the show. One lucky winner will win a Logic Supply fan-less industrial laptop with a GroundWork monitoring subscription and a year of free support (valued at $3,500).

Red Hat Summit | San Francisco | June 27–April 1

We are also a sponsor at the 2016 Red Hat Summit in San Francisco. Red Hat Summit is the premier open source technology event to showcase the latest and greatest in cloud computing, platform, virtualization, middleware, storage, and systems management technologies.

Tech Tip: Making you look like a genius

Ok, maybe you already are a genius, but when was the last time someone called you a genius to your face? We aim to make that happen more often if we can. This month’s tech tip is all about two short shell scripts which, when placed properly on the GroundWork server in combination with an NFS mount make your server invulnerable. Or almost: it’s about making a regular backup.

It’s a sad but true fact of life that backups are neglected. They are the step-children of IT, often ignored or delayed, but absolutely critical in a pinch. We see a lot of pinches in support, and we though we would ease the burden of implementing backups with a short, easy procedure that will let you sleep better, and look like and absolute genius when (not if, since it will happen) your server crashes or gets deleted unintentionally. See what we mean here.

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Welcome back to another issue of the GroundBreaker, GroundWork’s newsletter for customers and partners. This month, we’re looking at the new ElasticStack and how its new features will improve performance and stability for GroundWork users. We also have an exciting announcement about OpenStack Summit. We’ll finish with a short and useful technical tip on end-user experience monitoring of web apps, using recorded javascript you can create in moments.

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