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GroundWork Desk for Help Desk Ticketing

October 25, 2021

GroundWork Desk

GroundWork Desk powered by Invicta Software, is a help desk ticketing system now available for GroundWork Monitor Enterprise.

GroundWork Desk for Help Desk ticketing. GroundWork Monitor does monitoring and alerting, but this is only part of what you need to run an IT shop. Engineers, DevOps, and technicians all need to know they are always working on the most important things, without having to think about the relative priority of a given task. That’s why we are adding GroundWork Desk to GroundWork Monitor Enterprise.

GroundWork Desk (powered by Invicta Software) is a help desk ticketing system, closely integrated with GroundWork Monitor. If GroundWork can monitor it, you can get a ticket on it when it needs attention. This new product makes the need for expensive and complex integrations with other help desk products obsolete – just use GroundWork Desk!

Unified Monitoring

GroundWork Monitor can monitor just about anything. If you want to track KPIs of your applications, disk space on your storage arrays, or the response time of your e-commerce site, we have you covered.

Unified Messaging

With GroundWork Messenger, we can text you, email you, Slack™ you, or raise a ticket in GroundWork Desk. If anything in your IT shop needs attention, you can do any or all of these things to make sure it gets it.

Help Desk Incident Ticketing and Tracking

In GroundWork Desk, if you get a ticket, you can acknowledge it and take ownership, browse monitoring data, schedule maintenance, and close out the incident after you have worked the problem. Full history and tracking of all work is available with prioritization based on rules you set in GroundWork to make sure you are working on the right problem.

GroundWork Desk Automation

When you set up your help desk in GroundWork Desk, you can fully automate the assignment and priority of the incidents you detect with GroundWork Monitor. Your workflow is modeled in simple, easy to understand, and easy to adapt automation steps. Make it work for you, not the other way around.

Incidents and SLA Reporting

Your incidents are logged against SLAs you set and make with your customers. Generate holistic reports that have the detail you need as well as the summary numbers for meeting SLA targets.


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