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How to install GroundWork Monitor 8

September 29, 2020

Got 7 minutes?

This video, just 7 minutes long, demonstrates a GroundWork Monitor 8 installation.

For this demo we perform a new install for a standalone type installation on a Linux server with Ubuntu 18.04, and have decided on the hostname ip-10-4-50-199.gwos. This install starts out with some system preparation, proceeds to install Docker, and then prepares and runs the GroundWork Installer.

Before you begin your own installation, please refer to the full installation documentation on the GroundWork Support portal. You will need to follow important instructions for all sections including Pre Install, Install, and Post Install.


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GroundWork Documentation provides help when using and administering GroundWork Monitor, and with the GroundWork Knowledge Base you can quickly find troubleshooting and how-to articles. Not finding what you need? No problem, log in to our service desk to Submit a Ticket and manage your support requests.