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GroundWork Demonstrates at OpenStack Summit

April 28, 2016

Welcome to the April Groundbreaker, GroundWork’s monthly newsletter for customer, partners, and anyone interested in GroundWork’s monitoring technologies. This month, we are coming to you direct from Austin, Texas, where the OpenStack Summit is in full swing!

OpenStack Summit | Austin | April 25–29

GroundWork sponsored the show this year, along with a lot of other cool companies, including Ubuntu Linux. Our orange shirts were just a shade brighter than Ubuntu staff had on, but that’s ok, since it made our staff easy to find on the expo floor, and even in the crowded sessions we haven’t had any trouble finding each other.

While the sessions are great and often quite technical, we found the expo floor to be really lively. Many of the questions we are getting have been deeper and more insightful than most other shows. It seems the OpenStack project with its complexity and bleeding edge attracts the most astute of the technical world.

And it attracts from all over! We met people from the Czech Republic (or, rather, from Czechia, as it is now called), India, Equador, and China (China mobile is a big contributor to Openstack). It’s impressive to hear so many languages talking tech in one place.

Mirantis is also a sponsor. And in honor of our partnership, we are showing off GroundWork monitoring MOS8 Liberty in our booth! Yes, it can be done. In fact, it only took our systems engineer, Thomas Stocking, 5 minutes to set up (that is, after waiting for the scripted install of Mirantis OpenStack to complete on our little test box).

Our integration with Grafana (which we call Graf Bridge) has attracted a lot interest from developers who want to know more about how we use it. We love to geek out about this stuff, and to share stories and implementation woes and wins.

Red Hat Summit | San Francisco | June 27–July 1

We are also a sponsor at the 2016 Red Hat Summit in San Francisco. If you missed us at OpenStack, come see us at Red Hat Summit — Booth 209.

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