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GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 8.2.1

November 30, 2021

Announcing our latest version GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Edition (EE), 8.2.1, now available for download, offering several enhancements and two additions to the suite of TCG connectors

The GroundWork Team is proud to announce a new update to GroundWork Monitor, version 8. This is the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Edition (EE) 8.2.1, and will be the last version for the year. We are adding features that you, our loyal customers, asked for, and one or two that we thought you would like in the future. Also, we are rolling all the patch levels we released for version 8.2.0 up into this release as well.

In addition to fixing up the user interface to be faster and more accurate and informative, we have added two more items to the suite of GroundWork TCG connectors. The GroundWork Office connector allows subscribers to Microsoft Azure™, Microsoft 365™, and Microsoft SharePoint™ services to monitor availability, license consumption, and storage and email usage. The Kubernetes connector interfaces to the Kubernetes Metrics API to pull in usage statistics from pods, nodes and namespaces in Kubernetes.

These new sources for monitoring data round out a maturing set of connectors including Elastic, APM, SNMP, and of course the Nagios connector used in data transport for all GroundWork servers. Each of these connectors have been getting attention too, and are more functional for more things than ever.

We are also simplifying our license counting and database structure in this release. Be sure to read the release notes, as if you are a user of the product already, your license may need adjustment to accommodate this new way of counting. We still license by host, but we no longer allow the many-hostname-to-one-address configuration that is possible in prior versions.

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