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How Unified Monitoring Can Help Make Your IT Life Easier!

April 7, 2020

Unified Monitoring provides real-time understanding of what is happening, every time and everywhere on the network, and everything connected to it. With Unified Monitoring, engineers are more able to support proactive identification of root causes and deploy the actions and resources needed to maintain the health and integrity of all connected IT assets.

As IT infrastructures rapidly evolve in scale and complexity, implementing an integrated and automated platform that monitors the entire IT infrastructure is a proven strategy for reducing service outages, increasing end-user and IT productivity, optimizing capital investment, and maintaining industry compliance—making IT easier than ever before.

To ensure the reliability that businesses expect, IT teams need unified visibility and actionable insight for diagnosing performance issues across the entire IT environment—both physical and virtual, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Administering multiple tools, managing numerous consoles, sifting through dozens of false positives, manually comparing metrics from various tools makes IT infrastructure management, reporting, and monitoring complicated, time-consuming and ineffective.

Alarm fatigue is a frequent complaint and a disruptive problem with monitoring. This occurs when components on the network trigger a storm of alerts for devices linked to it. A useful Unified Monitoring tool integrates an automated Business Service Monitoring (BSM) component. BSM allows you to leverage the fundamental value of monitoring for troubleshooting and problem resolution, and then again for the characterization of the overall performance of groups of systems for management and reporting. BSM metrics facilitate the validation of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and generate only meaningful, actionable alerts and notifications. Again, this makes IT easier than ever before.

Unified Monitoring provides visibility and performance metrics for all wired and wireless networks, physical and virtual servers and some applications. Increased visibility makes it easier for IT teams to identify, assess, and correct a problem in the system.

Unified Monitoring makes IT easier. One platform for Unified Monitoring.

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