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Introducing the New GroundWork Support Portal

August 12, 2020

Updated. Modernized. Responsive.

GroundWork Support

Watch this short video (01:15 no audio) for a quick introduction to our support portal, GroundWork Support.

GroundWork Documentation provides help when using and administering GroundWork Monitor, and with the GroundWork Knowledge Base you can quickly find troubleshooting and how-to articles. Not finding what you need? No problem, log in to our service desk to Submit a Ticket and manage your support requests.

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GroundWork Monitor 8.1.1 released!

GroundWork Open Source Releases Major Update to GroundWork Monitor Enterprise

GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 8.1.1 includes distributed monitoring and enhanced
connection technology for multiple data sources.

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Mitigating Alarm Storms in GroundWork Monitor

Mitigating Alarm Storms using GroundWork MonitorGroundWork Monitor offers Parent Child configurations for distributed monitoring, enabling the monitoring of a subset of an infrastructure where Child servers report the state and performance metrics to a central, or “Parent” GroundWork server.

What this Blog post is focused on is not a Parent Child architecture configuration, but instead the other kind of Parent Child: the relationships and inherent dependencies that can be configured to control the behavior of hosts and services based on the status of one of more other hosts and services.
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