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GroundWork Releases GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 8.2.0

May 5, 2021

Major new version includes quick-start for automated Network Monitoring, supercharged Kafka-powered notification Engine, and APM features for comprehensive Unified Monitoring

SAN FRANCISCOMay 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GroundWork Open Source, Inc., a leading provider of powerful IT infrastructure monitoring software, today announced the general availability of GroundWork Monitor Enterprise version 8.2.0, its flagship all-inclusive monitoring product. A major new version, the on-premises/in-cloud software package includes multiple containerized monitoring source applications, flexible automation for network monitoring, and innovative rapid-deployment notification integration options.

Open for Integrations

GroundWork Monitor has always been open for integration, using the best open source packages for monitoring in combination with it’s own supported package.  “The latest evolution of GroundWork stays true to its heritage, but now is an open unified monitoring platform extending past traditional open source components to integrate with a wide variety of monitoring sources including cloud services, containers and applications.”  said Richard Campbell, GroundWork CEO.

APM Automation

Coming out with Application Monitoring connectivity using OpenMetrics last fall, this latest major evolution of the trusted GroundWork Monitor platform enhances the APM capabilities still further. “Just as we started seeing more application monitoring adoption, Spring Boot added support for OpenTelemetry with the Prometheus client.” said Thomas Stocking, VP of Product Strategy. This added capability fits seamlessly into GroundWork Monitor. Now, with virtually no configuration, users can get a complete characterization of Spring Boot-based applications.

Scaling with Open Source

Taking advantage of the modular nature of microservices, GroundWork Monitor has added an Apache Kafka-based messaging application, the GroundWork Optimized Request Transmitter (GORT) to this version. This brings near instantaneous notification capabilities that are easy to integrate to standard services like Email, SMS, and Slack(™), but also flexible enough to contact RESTful APIs of ticketing and workflow notification engines, both On-prem and SaaS.

Taken together, the capabilities of  this highly flexible, scaleable and automation-friendly monitoring system rival systems in much higher cost-of-ownership ranges. In addition to software and support options, GroundWork also offers training and certification, Professional Services and custom development to its enterprise customers. Using GroundWork TCG, nearly any monitoring product or API endpoint can become a monitoring source.

GroundWork is offering a free 3-month trial of GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 8 to interested parties, see

GroundWork Open Source, Inc. is a leading provider of professionally supported Enterprise Open Source Software (EOSS) for customers in financial, government, Telecom, and commercial IT. Our customers range from small businesses to large enterprises, Managed Service Providers, and e-commerce companies.

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